Sima S. Enterprises is an established distributor of data communication equipment as well as educational, cosmetology, and dancing related media products since June 2001.  Sima S. Enterprises does not manufacture any of the products we sell.  We are simply a high quality reseller and distributer.  We are a Better Business Bureau member with a perfect A+ rating and in the past decade we have sold merchandise to tens of thousands of satisfied customers without a single customer complaint, which we are proud of

In 2001, we created our first web site www.simaenterprises.com selling child safety bracelets with tens of thousands of child identification and medical wristbands sold.  Since then we have expanded our business diversifying our product range to include data communication equipment, educational products, cosmetology products and dancing products.  In January 2007, we launched www.rs232-converters.com which offers data communications equipment first from Commfront and later SerialComm.  Since we have started selling SerialComm products, manufactured by Jeddy Ventures LLC, it has become our flagship business.  The reason why our customers keep coming back is because we strive to provide the best possible customer support.  We provide technical and customer support by trained professionals including an on staff Professional Engineer.  We are highly recognized by leading engineering, education, and child safety organizations around the world.  We are partnered with Teachade Inc, a multimillion dollar, interactive social networking website for educators, Adapt-A-Classroom and the National Educator's Association (NEA), representing millions teachers across the country. 

Our websites are highly secure with measures to insure that the information you provide us is safe including 128 bit SSL encryption as well as MacAfee Secure which scans our site every day for security vulnerabilities. We have a strict defined privacy policy and have never solicited any clients by phone or email ever.  Although Sima S. Enterprises offers a wide range of products we are experts in each field - lead by our CEO with over 10 years of experience in internet marketing and a background in electrical engineering and management.  At Sima S. Enterprises, we offer quality products at low prices with the best customer support available and that is most important.


Sima S. Enterprises is a leading distributor of data communication equipment. Sima S. Enterprises' NJ Electronics Division established in January 2007 is primarily responsible for the distribution of data communication merchandise sold from RS232-Converters.com.


PO Box 1397
Wall Township, NJ 07719
Phone: 1-877-647-7434


Sima S. Enterprises is a leading distributor and reseller of the finest quality SerialComm serial data converters offered at our flagship website RS232-Converters.com With a large engineering customer base including NASA, Panasonic, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and thousands more satisfied customers. All products sold are CE, FCC, RoHS & ISO-9001 compliant & come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a 5-year workmanship warranty. We offer superior customer support and free technical support by a trained Electrical Engineer. Sima S. Enterprises has been offering serial data converters to the engineering community since January of 2007.


Sima S. Enterprises is a leading distributor of educational, child safety, cosmetology and dancing related products. Sima S. Enterprises' NJ Media Division established in June 2001 is primarily responsible for the distribution of all non-electronic products.


PO Box 1397
Wall Township, NJ 07719
Phone: 1-877-223-7639


The Educational Resources Storeco-owed by Sima S. Enterprises and Teachade offers educational books and DVDs for children, teens, parents and teachers about adolescence and growing up.  With over 600 products available and growing, you can find topics ranging from infant education to dealing with teens with different and sometimes difficult issues.


Our first and very successful website offers parents child identification bracelets and medical identification bracelets  Sima Enterprisesalso offers many other child protection and safety products such as helmet IDs, child locators, child safety DVD's, and much, much more!


The Cosmetology Video Store is a comprehensive online library of instructional Cosmetology DVDs.  With over 300 products available for sale, you can find the appropriate instructional DVD for your application.  We offer instructional DVDs from beginner to advanced levels on all areas of cosmetology including hair cutting, hair styling, makeup, waxing and therapeutic massage.


The Dancing Videos Store is a one-stop online shopping store experience for dancing instruction DVDs.  With over 400 products available, you will find the perfect instructional DVD depending on whether you want to learn ballroom dancing, Latin dancing, Country dancing, Tap, Jazz or any other form of dancing.


The Safe Side DVDs offers the Safe Side Stranger Safety DVD and Internet Safety DVD by John Walsh and Julie Clark.  With over 20,000 DVDs sold over the past couple of years, These DVDs are hailed as the most import child safety DVDs ever created. The Safe Side Company regards Sima S. Enterprises as one of their largest and more important resellers.



SerialComm, owned and operated by Jeddy Ventures LLC, is a high quality manufacturer of Data Communication products. SerialComm offers the finest quality USB, RS232, RS485, RS422 and TTL converters offered on their state-of-the-art website - SerialComm.com All products are CE, FCC, RoHS & ISO-9001 compliant & come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 5-year workmanship warranty.   Jeddy Ventures LLC is our sister company and was formed in February of 2009.


Teachade, owned and operated by Ed Tech Ventures Inc, is the first free interactive social networking website for educators.  Teachade.com gives educators the ability to create, search and share resources with other teachers.  Sima S. Enterprises and Teachade has established a successful partnership in early 2008.

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